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The Best Solution for Screening Applicants

InterviewOpps combines the power of video interviews and highly targeted applicant screening assessments with an easy-to-use platform for hiring teams of all sizes. This approach gives you the tools to accurately identify the best candidates and save time screening applicants.

Hire Faster

Our automated Screening & Assessment Tools help you identify quality candidates fast! See at a glance who passed your screening questions and gain insights into a candidate's qualifications and experience.

Hire Better

Video Interviews are efficient and effective options for you and your team to meet candidates. Build rapport and establish a connection with anyone from anywhere - without the cost and hassle of travel.

Hire Quality

Collaborate with your team or Hiring Managers to make informed decisions about who to hire. Share, review and comment on completed screening assessments or Video Interviews. Choose from 1,000s of screening and video questions with InterviewOpps.

Hiring Candidates Remotely?

By creating easy-to-use assessment tools, InterviewOpps gives recruiting teams the power to make hiring decisions with better insight into candidate quality and competency. Understanding which candidates are most qualified using a candidate screening tool means you have more time to focus on the candidates with the most potential.

Save Money


Create unlimited assessment templates and send unlimited invitations to speed up candidate screening.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Creating or scheduling interviews has never been easier! You'll be ready to go just minutes after signing up.

Outstanding Support

Dedicated Customer Support

Our Support Team is dedicated to your success. Contact us with questions about anything - from setting up interviews to inviting candidates and anything in between. We're here for you!

Video and Candidate Screening Tools

InterviewOpps Platform

Video Interviews

Video Interviews

Interview candidates face to face through your webcam and record the interview to share with others.


Send calendar invitations to Video Interviews and track how people respond on the Invite Tracking page.


Meet candidates anytime, anywhere! Our cloud-based platform makes it easy to access from any location.


Hiring often requires more than just one decision maker. Share, comment on, and rate candidates with everyone on your team.


Create teams to ensure that each employee can access what they need. Invite Hiring Managers or guest users to attend interviews or review completed interviews.


Save time and money! Increase productivity, reduce time to hire and avoid the hassle and cost of travel by holding face-to-face interviews online.


Access real-time reporting to understand performance and make smart business decisions

Assessment Tools

Recorded Interviews

Streamline your hiring process with hassle-free, cost-effective candidate screening.


Choose from 1,000s of screening or video questions to create your pre-employment assessments templates. Customize it further by adding or recording your own questions to the library.


Invite candidates to respond to multiple-choice screening questions and video interview questions at their convenience.


Easily identify candidates who passed the screening questions to see if they qualify for the next step.


Our easy-to-use screening & assessment templates help you prioritize applicants to find the highest quality candidates first.


Hiring often requires more than just one decision maker. Share, comment on, and rate candidates with everyone on your team.


Access real-time reporting to understand performance and make smart business decisions.

Customize your InterviewOpps experience.

Speed Up Hiring With InterviewOpps Video Interviews and Candidate Screening Tools

Company Interview Branding

Brand your Video Interviews with your logo and company details.

Video Library

Use our library of pre-recorded interview questions or record your own to include in Screening & Assessment Video Interviews.

Live Chat

Chat with colleagues and candidates during live video interviews.

Live Interview Scheduling

Schedule unlimited interviews directly from the InterviewOpps platform and add to your calendar.

Screening & Assessment Invitations

Create Screening & Assessment interview templates and send unlimited invitations to potential candidates to request video responses.

Rate & Review

Our rating and review system allows you to quickly share your thoughts and comments on potential hires.

Interview Tagging

Use tags to organize candidates or completed interviews.


Share unlimited interviews with colleagues or hiring managers and let them watch without a login.

Google Chrome Extension

Invite candidates to Live or Screening & Assessment interviews from any website.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you have.

Screening & Assessment Interview Templates

Create and save unlimited Screening & Assessment interview templates to use over and over for future jobs.


Gain insights into your ROI and interview performance with advanced analytics.

Interview Template Review

Let our team of experts help you create interview templates to streamline your process.

Account Setup Assistance

We work with you to get your account set up and ready to start interviewing fast!


Need a camera or microphone? We can help you purchase or rent the required equipment to get you set up for video interviews.

HiringOpps Job Board Integration*

InterviewOpps is the first video interview platform to integrate with a job board. Invite candidates to interviews directly from the job board!

White Label

Want something more custom? Contact us to get your custom domain set up to start video interviewing with your brand.

* HiringOpps job board subscription required. Visit for more details.