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The Fastest Way to Sort Through Unqualified Candidates

The recruitment process can often prove long-winded and ineffective if you don’t have the tools to quickly identify qualified candidates. A survey by Jobvite Recruiter found that up to 77 percent of employers end up revisiting and hiring applicants who didn’t appear suitable enough previously. Being able to recognize talent on the first click or first interview is crucial. The second interview and beyond is designed to help learn about each candidate and find the right candidate for your company.

The first step to speed up your candidate sorting process is to start from the core and expand

Recognize the skills your current employees already possess

A great way to weed out unqualified applicants is to match them up against a common skillset that your current employees already hold. Looking for a common denominator in your team is a great way to find someone with a skill set that works for your organization and not just the industry in general. This technique gives you the chance to find skills that fit, and it also helps you find people who will work better with your workplace culture. You may have a common interest or unique quality that you want to focus the recruitment process around, and this can be great for finding a candidate that will settle in with your team straight away.

Encourage referrals over references

Sure, you can trust an outside applicant, but would you trust a stranger over one of your employee’s best friends or relatives? The point here is that referrals should be encouraged, as it is a great way to help build upon a trusted team and discover better chemistry levels than you would expect. 
According to a report from HireRight, 85 percent of job applicants will lie on their resume, which further reinstates the need to trust your own team’s recommendations over a recruiter or generic job websites like Indeed. Finding the strongest clients could be aided with an incentive program for any employee referrals that are taken on to consequently join your team. Referral incentives are a great way to motivate your team to seek out potential candidates that fit your qualification requirements as well as the culture fit in your company. Nearly half of all companies have agreed their best hires have come from employee referrals.

Take your time to find the right fit & revisit candidates if needed

No recruitment process should be rushed, and you should consider every stage of this process, including training. It’s great being able to choose someone and say you have come to a good decision, but how do you know your training will help the successful candidate quickly enough? Do they possess hands-on knowledge/experience of the work you are setting them? If not, it is important to seek out only those who have worked in similar environments, so you can protect your finances (extended training should not be required), and your integrity.

Break down your recruitment into more stages

The key to ironing out which candidates are unsuitable for the job is to use different recruitment stages to test their compatibility with what you are looking for. Consider more than just an interview to determine who to hire. Perhaps introduce group interviews or invite candidates in to help around during a normal day at work.
You’re not just looking for someone with a qualification in your industry, as this alone won’t make the hire successful. You want someone with confidence, composure, and a willingness to learn and adapt. These qualities often aren’t shown from an online or in-person interview, and likewise, these qualities cannot be proven with other narrowminded tools like online skills assessments. People without the necessary job qualities can change their answers to mask a different kind of personality, and if you hire them, they may quickly crumble once they start trying to do the job for real.

Using a Candidate Screening Tool

With a large volume of candidates applying for a job, it gets tedious to go through each resume. To speed up your hiring process when looking for candidates, try using a candidate screening tool like InterviewOpps. You can create assessment templates and send unlimited invitations instead of phone screenings, making your streamline process faster so you can allocate more time to other hiring efforts.  Don’t waste your time doing manual work when you can use a screening tool that can help you evaluate, and sort candidate resumes.

Want to create a more successful recruitment process for your company? Check out InterviewOpps today and discover how you can find the perfect hire for your team. 

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The Fastest Way to Sort Through Unqualified Candidates
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