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5 Candidate Screening Mistakes Recruiters Make

One of your toughest jobs as a recruiter is to screen through thousands of resumes to find that one deserving candidate. While it’s always tempting to take the shortcut and save time in the recruitment process, recruiters are well aware of the consequences of this laxity on their part.

Whether an asset or an employee, value addition is the goal of any organization – which is why as a recruiter, you need to be careful at every stage of the recruitment process.

Let’s dig into the five candidate screening mistakes recruiter make. Read through to find out what you need to avoid the next time you hunt for candidates to fill up vacancies in your organization.

1. Posting an Unclear Job Description

What’s the Job Description? – is one of the most commonly asked questions among people looking for jobs. Being a recruiter, you have to make sure that this question is answered to the point. Include all essential details in the job description – right from the list of duties, the overall purpose of the job, key areas of responsibility, and the type of person you are looking for.

A crisp and clear job description leaves no scope for questions or confusion. Only relevant candidates will send their resumes in this way, making it easy for you to look through them before shortlisting one. While crafting the job description, make sure you don’t oversell the position, as it may end up disappointing ambitious candidates.

2. Finding a more efficient way to sort candidates

Has it been taking you hours or even days to review and screen candidates? Screening candidates is the most tedious part of your hiring process. If you haven’t already, look into a screening tool that can solve your difficulties. InterviewOpps is a video interview and candidate screening platform that allows you to create assessments and templates that can help you find qualified candidates while saving you time and money. Forget the phone screenings and use a screening tool that can help you in a more effective way.

3. Ignoring the Existing Talent Pool

When recruiting, always ensure you look inside your organization before you head towards external sources. By doing this, you will save a lot of time and effort you otherwise invest in the recruiting process. You already know the employee, their work ethic, commitment, and the type of personalities they are – making it easy to find a candidate matching the required job description.

And yes, you will be saving a lot of money too. So, looking into the existing talent pool of your organization is a win-win situation.

4. Not Preparing for the Video Interview

The times we are in, video interviews are now replacing in-person interviews. While we are at our best during face-to-face interviews, we also need to replicate the same experience for the candidate in a video interview.

First and foremost, you want a seamless interview without any network disruptions or background noise. Always test the software before you use it – a test call with a colleague is great! You can also consider opting for popular platforms, such as InterviewOpps, that offer glitch-free candidate screening and video interview solutions.

Secondly, try making the candidate comfortable, as they are already nervous. Brief them about how you will be going about with the interview and what the next stages would be. Opt for a formal backdrop, and not the wall of your home, filled with pictures of your family and pets! First impressions count, so make sure your video interview is bang-on.

5. Rushing to Hire the First Person You Come Across

A big no to this one. You may have a deadline looming over your head, but that doesn’t mean you settle for any candidate that comes your way. Take your time and look for other sources where you could find potential candidates. Instead of hiring the wrong person and having to repeat the process to find the right one, it is best to try finding the perfect candidate in the first go itself.

Until then, you could find a freelancer or external contractor to fill up the position so that you get enough time to look for more candidates.
There you go – some of the common yet easily avoidable mistakes we end up making while hunting for the perfect candidate. Remember to keep these in mind the next time you’ve got many vacancies to fill up in your organization.
5 Candidate Screening Mistakes Recruiters Make
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