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Top 3 Tech Software Tools All Staffing Agencies Should be Using

Several software tools make the recruiting process more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective for staffing agencies hiring for multiple employers. From job posting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding to payroll and benefits management, there are various online tools available that all staffing agencies should be using.

Here are some essential tools for your staffing agency:
  • Recruiting software
  • Human Resource Information Management System (HRIMS)
  • Employee performance evaluation tool
  • Payroll processing system
  • Benefits management platform
Well, what if I say you’re missing one major tool from this list to save you time and money?  
Yes, you heard that right, this post has listed the top three 360-degree HR solutions that cater to every requirement of your staffing agency.

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) automate the applicant workflow, thus freeing up your valuable time while boosting your efficiency. According to research, more than 75 percent of recruiting professionals say that using ATS software has accelerated their hiring process while giving them access to more qualified candidates.

But what about the time you’re still spending reviewing those candidates? Do you feel like seeing a candidate’s resume is enough? Would you like to get to know candidates better to provide your clients and hiring managers deeper insight to potential hires?

Then you need more than an ATS.
Let’s take a look at some of the software tools all staffing agencies should be using.

Best Software Tools for Your Staffing Agency

Ideal.com found that “63 percent of HR managers have conducted an online interview, so video interviewing software is becoming an important part of the recruiting tech stack.”

1. InterviewOpps

Non-interactive online assessments fail to filter the candidates efficiently. On the other hand, video interviews are a daunting task for a large pool of candidates. Are you wondering if there is any software that makes video interviews a breeze?

Most certainly! InterviewOpps is one such video interview software that makes interactive interviews easy and more efficient. 

You set screening templates where you can add multiple-choice questions and/or video questions that candidates can respond to on their own time. That means you’re not wasting time hunting candidates down to schedule phone interview. Send them a link and let them respond as they have time! Plus, you can gauge the bodily responses and presentation skills of the candidates by watching their video responses.

Once you set up a screening template, you can simply add the link to your clients’ job postings so candidates respond as they apply! Screen hundreds of candidates simultaneously.

You or hiring managers can rate candidates after having watched the recorded interview responses. With their white label feature, you can also get a completely branded user experience for your candidates. Moreover, InterviewOpps prioritizes data security by allowing you to share password-protected links to the internal hiring team and protecting interviewers' data by requiring a login.


  • Google Chrome Extension to send candidates screening questions from any site or ATS
  • Seamless API integrations
  • On-demand video interviews
  • Ability to invite candidates directly from an integrated job board platform called HiringOpps
  • Video download and export features
  • Dial-in feature that allows you to call into an interview using your phone.
  • Retry limits

2.  Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is a one-stop solution to your hiring and employee management needs. This ATS features a simple-to-use interface that makes hiring and onboarding a breeze. With Bamboo HR, you can also keep a tab on employee time off, payroll, timesheets, report management, and much more.

Also, you can seamlessly automate your job listing process as this software has integrations with 45 applications such as Indeed and Glassdoor. Additional widgets like Google and Slack integration, Universal Background Screening, access to other apps using Zapier make your recruitment process much simpler. Bamboo HR also features dedicated apps for both iOS and Android smartphones.


  • Easy reporting and analysis
  • Supports electronic signatures
  • Custom workflows made easy with plug-and-play templates
  • An efficient applicant tracking system 

3. JazzHR

JazzHR is trusted by 5,000 organizations across the globe and it's not difficult to see why. The software can automate every manual process associated with hiring.

Job requisition, interview scheduling, tracking job openings, following candidates, scanning resumes, managing contacts, you name it, JazzHR automates them all. The ability to bill on a per-user basis is yet another positive of this software. All these when coupled with the ability to create custom processes make JazzHR one of the most preferred HR solutions.

  • Employer branding facility
  • Intuitive and customizable
  • Auto-reject function to filter unqualified candidates
  • E-signature support
A recently launched integration with InterviewOpps also adds the robust functionality of candidate video screening into this already feature-rich ATS. A one-stop-shop for virtual recruiting.

Every HR solution caters to different staffing agency requirements. Some are created for small businesses hiring directly, while some are custom-built for staffing agencies to handle a large volume of candidates, data, screening, and more.

Before you choose a solution to streamline your staffing agency’s hiring process you should ask these questions:
  • Will the software be able to match our staffing agency’s hiring frequency and volume?
  • Will this tool make our recruiters’ lives easier?
  • How does the software help relieve the pain points with the candidate screening/interviewing process?
  • Will this tool help our staffing agency quickly identify unqualified candidates so recruiters can focus on the right ones?
Once a hiring solution appeals to your staffing agency’s requirements, you know you have found the right technology that would improve your hiring process manifolds.


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Top 3 Tech Software Tools All Staffing Agencies Should be Using
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