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Home InterviewOpps Creates Candidate Screening and Video Interview Solution to Ease Recruitment

InterviewOpps Creates Candidate Screening and Video Interview Solution to Ease Recruitment

InterviewOpps Creates Candidate Screening and Video Interview Solution to Ease Recruitment

US-based InterviewOpps introduces candidate screening and video interview software to help companies hire qualified candidates without the stress associated with the traditional recruitment process.

InterviewOpps is changing the way businesses and staffing agencies screen and hire candidates for job openings with the launch of their tech-driven solution. The on-demand video interview software is designed to ease the recruitment process by offering a more cost-efficient and time-saving solution that enhances the features of a traditional interview. The hiring solution combines targeted candidate screening assessments and video interviews to deliver more results in a shorter duration.

The most important resources for any organization are the people. Consequently, success-oriented businesses tend to dedicate a lot of resources – time and money – to enhance the recruitment process and ensure that the most qualified candidates are hired. Technological advancements have offered new ways to help businesses identify and recruit talented individuals without the time-consuming and seemingly expensive hiring process. However, many of the available solutions do not meet the unique needs of HR experts and recruiters in terms of comprehensiveness and user experience, which is where InterviewOpps is looking to make a difference.

InterviewOpps offers a wide range of features such as on-demand interviews that allow companies to accept video, text, or audio responses from candidates. Employers can screen hundreds of candidates simultaneously with a simple screening template that they can reuse. The software also allows the interviewer to set a time restriction and place limits on the number of interview answer retries for candidates. Plus, a Google Chrome extension makes it simple to create, review, and share interviews from any ATS (applicant tracking system) or website.  Face-to-face video interviews include recording options, assessment templates, and unlimited invitations to speed up candidate screening.

The software is available in different packages to meet the diverse needs of small business owners, staffing agencies, enterprises, and recruiters.

For more information about InterviewOpps and how to leverage the latest video interviewing experience to screen and hire the best candidates, please visit https://www.interviewopps.com. InterviewOpps can also be found across social media, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

About InterviewOpps
InterviewOpps was created by a team of entrepreneurs and technologists with a combined experience of more than two decades in the Human Resources Industry. The company aims to make it easier for businesses to hire the right candidate by providing the best, most reliable live and on-demand video interview, and candidate screening software on the market. The solution allows recruiters and organizations to optimize their hiring process to find the most qualified candidates, with amazing features that enhance engagement between the interviewer and interviewee.