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The Best Recruiting Tools For 2021

Now that 2020 is finally over, it’s time for organizations to begin putting their teams back in order. For some managers, this is going to involve a lot of hiring, as well as putting training and procedures in place for new staff.

A problem we see all too often, even going into 2021 is that organizations are still failing to harness the technology available to help with the recruitment process. Whether it is automation, tracking, mobile optimization, or collaboration, there are many stages of the hiring process that can and should be leveraged to make your job easier as a recruiter. Let’s run through a list of the best-recruiting tools for 2021:

Best recruiting tool for scouting talent yourself? - LinkedIn Recruiter

This is one that might seem surprisingly obvious - LinkedIn Recruiter. LinkedIn’s recruiter tool makes it easy for recruiters to scout and instantly message anyone out of a pool of talent. Instead of waiting for applicants to come to you, you can reach out to them with your hiring needs. This dramatically cuts down the time it takes between finding applicants and hiring them - With a LinkedIn recruiter, you can read through all a user’s qualifications, work history, as well as personal/professional references from other LinkedIn members.

Perhaps the best thing about LinkedIn Recruiter is that you can use it for free, all the while accessing one of the largest talent pools available globally.

Best recruiting tool to automate the hiring process? - Workable

Like LinkedIn Recruiter, Workable offers an AI-powered approach to the recruitment process. Recruiters can leverage SEO tools to optimize job descriptions so that they find the right candidates quickly.
What sets Workable apart from the other recruitment tools out there is that it offers the ability to connect with other applications to sync your recruitment process e.g., Google & LinkedIn. Not only that, but you can leverage collaboration tools to involve more of your staff within the recruitment process. Live reporting and applicant tracking make it easy for you to share the progress of each applicant with everyone else assisting with the hiring process. Lastly, Workable is a global network, with many, many users - Over 85 million to be specific!

Best free recruiting tool (recommended for start-ups)? - Indeed

If you have a budget in mind, or even want to go a step further and avoid the cost of recruitment entirely, Indeed may be the recruiter tool for you. It is perhaps one of the most used recruitment avenues by small companies who don’t want to break the bank.
Due to its popularity, you may find that your job posts do get pushed down the pecking order depending on how relevant the job advert is. Applicants come to you on Indeed, compared to LinkedIn recruiter & Workable, where you can approach suitable candidates. Ultimately, if you are getting started, or are trying to fill less critical roles, Indeed can be a simple and free way to get the ball rolling with quick hires. You can offer free skills assessments, as well as arrange for interview invites to be sent via email to the applicants you like.

Best recruiting tool for remote collaboration with candidates? - InterviewOpps

If you need a recruiting tool that optimizes the time you can collaborate with applicants, then InterviewOpps will be best for you. InterviewOpps offers an on-demand interview feature, where applicants can prepare answers and responses to your questions in their own time.
What’s more, as a recruiter you can schedule and record video interviews with candidates - Remote recruitment is still very prevalent amongst organizations and will be for some time. InterviewOpps allows you to rate and review candidates, share feedback with other members of your time, and allocate tags to different candidates based on their progress towards being a successful candidate.

Your next hire should be right the first time, so that is why you have to leverage a great recruiting tool. Trying to do things on your own won’t work, and the demand for remote based working, and remote interviews are growing, so it only makes sense to work with the times.
Streamline your recruitment process and minimize the cost and time it takes to find your next hire, as the burden faced of hiring the wrong person can be heavy, especially in these unprecedented times.


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The Best Recruiting Tools For 2021
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