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How Small Business Owners Can Use Video Interviews

As a small business owner, recruiting staff for new roles can be tough. Small business owners face the common issue of having to manually filter through tens, if not hundreds of applicants, only to find the vast majority are unqualified.

HRCloud reported that the average corporate job attracts up to 250 applicants. If you consider the manual workload that goes into sorting that many candidates, you begin to realize how extensive the traditional recruitment process can be…

Some common stumbling blocks that small business owners face when doing their own hiring include:

  • Hosting interviews and funding travel for applicants based far away or overseas - Not many small businesses have extra funds to support travel expenses for potential applicants. This can be a major step back if no applicants are based locally, or if many require travel to be funded for them to reach your premises.

  • Organizing multiple in-person interviews takes time - As a small business owner, you’re probably very hands-on, right? You don’t have the spare time available to book out applicants for interviews, as there’s always the chance that your schedule may change, a candidate may rearrange, or they may even be late for the interview. Planning interviews in person can be a time-consuming, and often inefficient process, especially if you don’t find the right candidate at the end of it all.

  • Candidates crumble under pressure and often fail to present their true personality during in-person interviews - If you’re expecting candidates to showcase their exact personality during an interview, think again. A whopping 85 percent of candidates may light on their resumes. They will be nervous and trying their best not to say the wrong things. With this kind of pressure, things can – and will – go wrong, and you may end up dismissing a candidate who is a perfect fit for your company.

The good news? There’s a way to avoid these common problems using video interviews. Interviewing via video will factor in the time and cost of recruitment, allowing you to spend time, money, and resources on other areas more critical to your business.

First, you can use video interviews to relieve the pressure on both you and your candidates - There’s no need to travel anywhere or stick to timelines and schedules. Instead, you can review a candidate’s responses to the questions you set in the interview stages straight from your computer screen - either in your own time or by scheduling a live video call with the applicant directly.

What’s more, video interviews allow for a quicker turnaround time, both for dismissing unqualified candidates, as well as taking on the most suitable ones. As a small business owner, you know it’s vital to utilize the quickest method of filtering out poor candidates. Video interviews give you a quick impression based on a candidate’s appearance, mannerisms, and the quality of their responses. Interviews carried out in person, on the other hand, force you to sit with every candidate even if you know early on that they’re not a good fit.

Luckily for video interviews, you can filter out candidates that aren’t to your liking in one click, giving you more time to iron out who is the most suitable candidate for the role.

Video interviewing removes the need for a dedicated hiring manager, as anyone can manage such a tool. Your staff can collaborate on job postings, as well as add tags and ratings for candidates, so everyone on your team knows which candidates are being shortlisted, which ones are unqualified, and which ones are currently under review.

Recruitment doesn’t need to be difficult - the traditional way of hiring staff is time-consuming, inefficient, and often expensive when you fail to find the right person. Invest in a video interviewing platform today and streamline the hiring process for your company. 

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How Small Business Owners Can Use Video Interviews
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