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InterviewOpps vs Zoom/Skype

More businesses than ever, 86 percent according to a recent study, are conducting virtual interviews to hire candidates. It’s understandable that many organizations turn to simple online meeting tools like Zoom and Skype, but dedicated video interviewing and assessment tools like InterviewOpps make interviewing candidates online much more productive. It’s important to leverage the right tools for interviewing, so you don’t waste your time with sub-optimal tools when it comes to finding potential hires. 


InterviewOpps is the latest video interviewing platform that can help companies reduce their time to hire. InterviewOpps offers a consistent method for businesses to hire candidates using two different ways to conduct video interviews: On Demand interviews and Live Interviews.

On Demand Interviews let you record and create interview questions so candidates can respond via video, text, or audio. With the InterviewsOpps structured process, you don’t have to go through long, repetitive phone screenings. On Demand and Live Interviews let you collaborate with your team and offer features such as reviewing and rating, sharing, and tagging.

Here are other unique features InterviewOpps provides:

  • Branding (Add your company’s name and logo!)
  • Time Limits and Retries
  • Rate & Review
  • Secure meeting environments
  • Web-hosted software that does not require candidates to download anything
  • Candidate screening assessment tool

If you’re looking for a way to complete your virtual interview process quicker and more effectively, try InterviewOpps. You can learn more about a candidate so you can invest the extra time and effort into the top candidates for the job.



Many people started using Skype to connect with family members who are miles away, but Skype is also used for business. However, Skype is not the ideal tool for interviewing candidates. Here’s why:

  • Skype can be a heavy burden on a computer’s resources and will likely be constantly running in the background even when not doing interviews.
  • More suited to make quick calls and personal communications with families and friends.



Many organizations have turned to Zoom to hold general business meetings and events. Zoom has had some serious security issues as of late. Meetings were interrupted by people randomly joining and doing several things like attempting to get the information of the users.  

Although Zoom has features suited for company meetings or webinars, it lacks the interactivity of a dedicated video interview platform as well as the recording and playback functionality to review candidates’ responses and collaborate with your hiring team.   

When it comes to using the right virtual tool to interview, review, and hire new candidates, a dedicated video interview platform is the right option for your business.

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